Ability to add external RSS feed to HubSpot marketing email

The goal is to be able to display a RSS feed in a HubSpot marketing email even when the blog is hosted outside of HubSpot. We do not want to create a RSS Email as that will only send as soon as 'Daily', and we want 'Instant'. Or, we want the email to send from a HubSpot workflow as an automated email.


Current available built-in modules:


  • A RSS Listing module is not available for use inside HubSpot marketing email templates; only page templates at this time.
  • A Post Listing module only works with HubSpot blogs, at this time, not external blogs.
  • A Post Filter module is not available for use in an email template at this time.

See a description of default modules here.


Thanks for the consideration!

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The RSS Listing module can be cloned and made available to the email templates. The featured image function does not work though.