Ability to add downloadable T&C document into the quotes/e-signature feature


I'm a Sales Operations manager at my company and I'm trying to take advantage of the quotes & e-signature feature on Hubspot. The problem is that when I go to add the terms of my contract into the designated "purchase terms" area, there is a character limit and I quickly run out of space. This is also without including my T&C. 

On quotes one can add a link in the purchase terms so i tried to add a link to my T&C document. However when I go to sign the doc within the Hubspot/hellosign interface, the T&C are not clickable. Also, once the document is signed and I use the download feature, the T&C link is not clickable. Without the ability to attach our entire contracts and get a signoff on on the whole agreement, the quotes functionality is useless to our company. 
It is a shame being that it was one of the features that really excited us when deciding to go to for hubspot over a competitor.

In an ideal situation the purchase terms section would raise its word count limit and we should be able to attach a T&C document. In the signature process, a user would "click here to confirm you have read T&C" and the T&C doc would be part of the signed & downloadable document that Hubspot currently provides.

I can't stress enough how critical this feature is for our team to scale.


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Perfect! We are facing exactly the same challenge right now and this was also something that made us go with Hubspot over a competitor. Is disappointing to see that some of the tools do not have basic features. I would love to see this developed. Right now we have to download the quote as a pdf (which does not keep the same formatting) and attach it to our contract. However, we cannot leverage the e-sign feature that Hubspot offers, so it turns out to be useless, as the quote itself we could do on an excel file. It's disappointing. 


I can only underline that. The fact that there is only one heading "Product & Services" is also a problem for us. We would like to split the quotes into product, services and options.

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Please consider the idea of sending an external document (pdf/doc) to send to the client for e-sign along with the quotes. 


That's what we've been thinking about (and trying out). For legal reasons, however, it would be good if the GTC/GDPR texts were also part of the contract, so separate documents do not work so well.