Ability to add criteria when a new contact should be created


Hubspot today will automatically create a new contact for a customer who submits a form if the email is not present on another contact record. 




I would like the ability for hubspot to allow for admins to add criteria to check if other specified fields (defined in criteria) match what a customer input into the form to help expand matching criteria and reduce duplication of contacts. 




Ie. Customer Olivia Daniels exists in Hubspot with email oliviadaniels@gmail.com. 


Olivia Daniels contact related to oliviadaniels@gmail.com has 2 properties phone number = 3165555555 and role = Office admin. 




Say customer Olivia Daniels then fills out a new form with email oliviadaniels123@gmail.com, but also then populates phone number and role to equal the values that matches her contact in hubspot. 




Hubspot should be able to check the other values/criteria defined and since they match what she filled out in the form then add her new email oliviadaniels123@gmail.com to then be added to contact oliviadaniels@gmail.com