Ability to Upload video to social posts

Would love to have the ability to upload video to social posts - as right now the only options are blogs, images and landing pages. 

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Ability to Upload video to social postsCommunity Manager

Hello @NB2004 @HRobinson @katrinaokeefe @wadefitzgerald I wanted to let you know that Facebook video publishing is now live to all HubSpot Marketing customers.


As @HRobinson has done above, could you all please confirm which social networks you would like to see video publishing for so I can update the idea accordingly? Thank you!

Ability to Upload video to social postsCommunity Manager

Hey @NB2004 @katrinaokeefe @wadefitzgerald could you please confirm which social platform your suggestion is for? We currently have Facebook video publishing in BETA. 

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Agree with this! The ability embed video and have it play as native for Facebook and Twitter would be particularly helpful to drive views / engagement. 

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We urgently need this feature too!