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Ability to Upload video to social posts

Would love to have the ability to upload video to social posts - as right now the only options are blogs, images and landing pages. 

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I would like to see this for Twitter please. Could you please advise when this might be available?

Contributeur occasionnel

Our key audience is on LinkedIn and Twitter as well so it would be great if it would be possible. 

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Hi, we would need to upload videos to LinkedIn and Twitter also. Facebook is not a relevant network for us.

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I think it's important to keep up to date with the most recent features available on social media and having the option to upload videos to Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn would be great. Also uploading scheduled videos/boomerangs/still images to Insta stories would make the life of a digital marketer easier! Smiley heureux

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I also would love to see this for Instagram. Am currently posting IG videos outside of HubSpot.

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Yes I also vote for this idea! Now that Linkedin has introduced native video to company posts this is something we really need to see integrated into HubSpot. At the moment we are unable to schedule posts to LinkedIn which include video, which is really frustrating. 

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Would love to see HubSpot support LinkedIn video! I just a news release that Twenty-three, a video marketing platform, is the first to support LinkedIn video on its platform.

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Video is clearly everything for today's marketers and an area in which many forward-thinking companies are investing for 2018 and beyond.  Our B2B audience is not on Facebook, so uploading video to LinkedIn and Twitter is critical. 

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Right now we can't upload and post MP4 videos to our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts through HubSpot's social publishing tool. I have to go into each account on those platforms and post the video individually. Is there going to be a future update to those channels where we'll be able post MP4 videos directly, like we're able to do in Facebook? 

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I also miss this feature. Especially since everyone is talking about how video is THE THING to use as it has more appeal and reach in most platforms.