Ability to Upload video to social posts

Would love to have the ability to upload video to social posts - as right now the only options are blogs, images and landing pages. 

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Get this sorted please, HubSpot! You're trailing behind your competitors on this...


.MP4 posts are integral to all great Insta content strategies... figure out how to get around the API and sort this.


Very unhappy customer here. We're spending thousands to use your suite in its entireity and this lack of functionality means we need to spend more with a third-party provider...


Also, no function for Stories yet? What's going on?


Please sort.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hello @Sianthegatefilm,


Thanks for your feedback! It isn't usually viable to "get around the API" as the API is the only "bridge" to connect with a platform like Instagram. That being said, we are always open to new learnings. What third-party provider or competitor are you using now that allows you to post videos to Instagram? Would love to dig into that.


Stories is definitely something we're exploring, and we really appreciate your valuable input on that.





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Hi John - thanks for your speedy reply.


I currently use SproutSocial and Later which offer this functionality...


I was really hoping HubSpot would be a one-stop-shop for all our digital marketing needs (we're spending enough!)


Hope this is something you're open to looking into...


Thanks so much.





HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @Sianthegatefilm,


Instagram's API still does not support video or multi-image posting. 


Sprout does not support posting video or multiple images to Instagram yet - https://support.sproutsocial.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000683263-Instagram-Publishing


Sprout has a reminder option, but you still need to post the video or images through Instagram's app. 


When Instagram's API comes out with video and multi-image posting functionality, it will become a priority for us. We completely understand your desire for HubSpot to be a one-stop-shop, and Instagram taking you out of your regular workflow is inconvenient. We want this as much as you, and when Instagram makes it available, we'll be on it Smiley Happy



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not having the possibility to post videos on Instagram or add subtitles is simply not understanding marketing as it works today.  

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Would love this capability, please!!!

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Are there any updates on Hubspot/Insta integration for video posting now that the api allows it?  Thanks.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hello @echris,


It is actually in a beta on Instagram's APIs, so we are working on it, but we are taking it slowly as this new beta API has had some reliability concerns. We will update once Instagram video publishing is stable and available!


Thanks for reaching out.



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This would be hugely helpful to us. All of our clients produce videos, and for some this is their main form of contact. It hurts our credibility as a partner agency when the marketing and social media software we sell to clients doesn't include full functionality, like this. We know IG has placed restrictions on this but if they lift them, please, please make this a high priority.

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Yes a must happen! I have a client who produces videos and we specifically had teasers of their work made for Instagram, only to discover I could not automate these videos in Hubspot. Bummer. I'd like to capture the analytics in their hubspot portal and schedule the time to do so. For now, it's going to be a daily time suck and yet another place to dig around for analytics. Boo.