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Ability to Select Social Media Accounts for Custom Reporting

Hello HubSpot community,


I'm hoping for the ability to select different social media accounts (across networks) to customize to more reporting needs. This feature is especially beneficial for companies with a wide variety of networks and properties.


For example, a brand's Miami location will have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account. That same brand in Tokyo will also have an Instgram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account to support their local needs.


Currently, HubSpot either views "all networks" or data by network, meaning only "All Facebook accounts," "All Instagram accounts," etc. This is not useful if we wanted to look at the individual property — I want to be able to see how Miami performed on social (Miami's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as a group) versus how Tokyo did (with Tokyo's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts grouped).


Is there a workaround for this currently? I attempted grouping the account posts by adding a campaign, but there are limitations with this, as well. (Such as certain posts not fitting necessarily into one campaign, posted natively, etc.)


Thank you for your help!

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I agree! We'd like to be able to add social medial reports to our dashboard that show stats as they relate to our company LinkedIn profile, but currently you can only add these reports to show the total of all connected accounts.


Agree with the ideas from both posters above. Also, I'd like there to be a way of creating custom reporting on social media activity. Specifically, creating a custom report on social posting activity by channel and date/time, to see which posts get the most engagement.

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This idea would be really helpful with the addition of business units, you could then add different accounts on social media to different business units for better reporting, better reporting and clearer segmentation of the different businesses.

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Agree fully with Nicole! It's a broader problem that should be resolved: Business units should be able to act more as a container within an account. 


Agree on account reporting and buisness units. As it stands, our 6 companies each have their own business unit but that feature isn't available in social reporting. Additionally, each company has it's own set of social media accounts and as it stands I have to manually pull the data for each companies accounts to a spreadsheet to report to our leadership team on each's companies accounts. It does me no good to report on all accounts - each company has it's own goals.