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Ability to 'Schedule' Marketing Emails when using 'Send to more' feature

Currently when you add MORE contacts to a Marketing Automation email you've already scheduled and sent, there's only the option to send 'now'.


I'm sending out emails on behalf of my client in batches, in the order we have validated them. So we need the option to also schedule the specific time when we'd like to send to the additional contacts after pressing Actions > Send to more. Otherwise I need to send them manually at the right time which is a little inconvenient 😄 

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Key Advisor | Partner

I think this is a great idea, for many reasons - time zone being one of them!

Just in case you haven't tried - you could clone the marketing email as an automated email and drop it in a workflow with the criteria you need once the recipients are validated, adding in a delay to hit your target delivery date/time. Without knowing more about how they are validating and what your goal is to schedule, I'm not 100% sure it would work, but might be worth a shot if you can get it close enough.