Ability to Report on Ad Spent in HubSpot Dashboards

Hey HubSpot, 

Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on the current lack of functionality to report on Ad Spend in HubSpot Dashboards?

Currently, we can report by campaign, on clicks and new contacts but spend is unable to be pulled. Ideally having this by network and campaign would be ideal.

Really trying to maximise HubSpot Ads usage and move away from native editors as well as solve some admin in doing so! 🙂 


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Hey @SamuelDigital22 ! My name is Jason, I'm the designer on the Ads team here at HubSpot. I'd love to pick your brain some more on how you would like that chart to be broken down if you wouldn't mind?

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Hey Jason 

Sure! Happy to discuss - feel free to reach out to me on samuel@digital22.com



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Hi there,


I have the same problem as Sam. I'd like to create an overview dashboard for the team and management and I need to include costs there.


It would be great as Sam said, if it could be breaken down on channel and visualized in a bar chart with a filter for the time frame or a linechart over a preiode of time (and a table - I'm a big fan of tables, but charts are better for top level reporting).


Also it would be helpful to have costs per lead and cost per MQL on a dashboard (but I assume calculations inside Hubspot reports reports would be needed therefore - but would be awesome).


**bleep** Niko

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Thanks for bringing this up. Agree 100%. Please let me know when we get this feature.

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! Would be useful if metrics on the ads dashboard itself (e.g. the budget, ROI) can be added as a report on HubSpot dashboards.


Use case: customer has a marketing dashboard set up with ad reports on it, and one for the campaigns with the highest CPC. They had overspent their ad budget and this information is visible on the ads dashboard, but it would be help them if they can also eye this on their marketing dashboard.