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Ability to Pause Contacts in Workflows Instead of Unenroll Completely

Our marketing structure is based on new investment deals that we send drip emails to our clients about. So we are constantly sending a new campaign to a segment of our audience about every week based on the new deals we have.


We give our sales reps an option to "snooze" communications to a contact for 15, 30, 60 and 90 days after they invest with us as to not overwhelm them with deals and emails. When they select this option, it pushes the contact to a static list and then are removed from all outbound marketing email drips for the new deals that come in the pipeline until that snooze expires.


The issue is we also send long-term nurture campaigns via workflow to contacts that haven't invested with us yet.


We don't want to remove them entirely from this drip, but if we get them on the phone and are interested but can't invest with us yet due to funds, etc, we would like to pause them where they are in the drip until their "snooze" duration is over and have them continue down the path.


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Same! I could use this feature as well.