Ability to Pass Hidden Fields from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Currently, there's no way to define and pass Hidden Fields from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Hubspot. This is detrimental to tracking and proper data management. I don't want my users to have to see a "Lead Source" field on their forms!!

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Ability to Pass Hidden Fields from LinkedIn Lead Gen FormsHubSpot Product Team
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On the LinkedIn Campaign Manager side when building your Lead Gen forms - I saw an option to ad hidden fields. I am not sure if they'll pass over properly as I just started one. We shall see. 

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There is currently no way to do this - This is a much needed feature!!

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This is a MUST-HAVE Feature. In fact the tool is pretty useless / non-scalable without this feature.

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This is a real bottlneck for us too, please consider adding this feature!

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Completely 100% agree. No idea why hidden fields from Lead Ads wouldn't be passed into HubSpot. HubSpot is dropping the ball on this one. Hidden fields in Lead Ads (facebook, linkedin, etc.) are essential to organizing contacts in any CRM. They need to be passed into HubSpot.

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The best option until they add this functionality to Hubspot is to use Zapier as a go-between to pass the right information to Hubspot. There you can pass any information contained in the LinkedIn Lead Forms.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta
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Currently out of production I have heard. Will be back in December?