Ability to 'PREVIEW' comments that I have been @mentioned in when sent email "NOTIFICATIONS'

When @mentioned in a note in a 'deal', 'company', 'contact' i am sent a email notification showing a preview of the comment (see below example): 

Notification showing previewNotification showing preview

However, when I am @mentioned in a 'comment' added to a note on a 'deal', 'company', 'contact' i am sent a email notification that does not show any preview of the comment 😞 (see below example): 


notification with no previewnotification with no preview

This is increadably frustrating as I have to click through to view each and every comment, when I am able to field comments if they have been left as a note...

Also, when clicking through from the notification, you arrive in the deal, not on the note that the comment has been added, or the comment itself... this means i have to scroll through to find notes with comments on them, then click through to see if that is where I have been @mentioned....?  This means that i risk not seeing comments as the navigations from notifications is awful and as i have no idea what the comment say's i don't know what i am looking for...!

WHY would you change the way you send notifications when you created this new feature?


Terrible UX... 😞


Please fix this so I can always see a preview of the comment I have been @mentioned in.

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I agree. This needs to remain 

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I agree. It would be helpful to see on the notification the exact comment left especially when I am viewing it on mobile when I am on the go, I do not have to log-in to HubSpot there and then to view the comment but I will know already from the notification and I can start gathering my thoughts before composing a reply. 


Looking for the particular comment in a long 'newsfeed' of e-mails and notes on our CRM is currently proving a mission!  I have to click on each note with a comment and figure out which one is the latest one that came through. Please fix this thanks. Thanks.

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HubSpot Product Team

We are currently working on updating notifications triggered by the new commenting feature to include the body of the comment. We are also going to add functionality that will allow the notification CTA to link directly to the engagement in question with the comments expanded for easier viewing.

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@KevinGrondin this is great news! Thanks for looking into this and for making the improvements (to bring in line with your existing notification functionality).
I look forward to the release of these improvements - please keep me posted as to when this will be?

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it's also frustrating on mobile when you have the hubspot app installed and it opens into the app and you can't see anything.

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I am agreed. It should remain the same. It is  frustrating to see the notification but can't see the content.

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I agree with this.  

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Agree as I had similar confusion and missed some critical comments left for me.


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Please do this Hubspot! It also doesn't take you to the comment when you click on "View in Hubspot", just to the deal page. It also does not take you to it if you click it in "Notifications" in the desktop app. This is pretty inefficient! 

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Just experienced same pains at the original poster, hope this is a high priority objective. Thank you all!

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Same here, cool to read @KevinGrondin - any update on timing?


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HubSpot Product Team

This is now live to all portals! Commenting notifications will not only give you a preview of the comment body, now they will link straight to the activity the comment was left on with the comments view expanded.