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Ability to Manually Edit IP Time Zone

It would be great to have the ability to manually edit a contact's time zone. The IP address time zone is not always accurate in terms of when a contact needs to receive one of our emails. For an upcoming email send, for example, I am having to upload 4 different lists (each with contacts in a specific time zone) and then clone an email 4 times so that I can schedule each email to send according to the specific time zone. This is obviously a tedious process and would be much more beneficial to be able to have a field in one list where you can manually include the time zone and have the email send based upon the time zone included in that list.

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Agree! We have lots of manual uploads where there is no IP timezone.


If the field is uneditable, fine, but can you please allow workflows to send emails based on a different (custom) field? I've created my own customer property for Time Zone and would be great if you could set workflow settings to send based on this property (or any other). 

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Or, why not let us adjust the state/region property and/or the country property and have the IP time zone get updated by those (if blank).