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Ability to Hide Drop-Down Contact Properties

Hello, we've created a contact property to allow our franchisees to select which email campaigns they want to send to their contacts (monthly newsletter, one-time news updates, etc).


We have some drop-down options in this property that we'd like to be able to hide because they're for campaigns that are out of date or no longer relevant (2019 holiday messages for example). Is there a way to hide these options WITHOUT deleting the drop-down option? We don't want to lose the information about the property but we would also like to be able to clean up our franchisee-facing drop-down menu options.


If anyone knows of a way to do this without deleting the drop-down option, I'd love to hear it.



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How are they selecting the campaigns, via a dropdown in a form?

If it's a form, you should be able to show/hide using the 'In Forms' toggle.


No Arran, they're not selecting the campaign via a form. It's a checkbox on a property field that lives within the contact record. If only they were selecting this via form 🙂


This functionality is a no-brainer - we should have the ability to hide (or retire) options for a property that are no longer valid


Yes, we also need this function very badly.

Thank you for communicating this.😊


Maybe add a "foler" function?

So that we can differentiate those options by year, catogory...ect?
And it won't be that hard to located a certain option.