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Ability to Edit Views as Super Admins

BLUF: A view that we can delete but cannot edit?

  • As HubSpot super admins, we have access to all the resources and components built by us or others.
  • However, we are unable to change or edit the views. We can only delete them, which doesn't make sense.
  • This creates a lot of dependencies as we have to involve stakeholders like the CEO for minor non-functional changes.
  • Simple changes that could be done in seconds sometimes take weeks to get approval from senior stakeholders.
  • It doesn't make sense that we can delete views but not edit them.

Please enable this!

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Absolutely agree. This functionality doesn't make sense and should be an easy fix


YES! So many duplicate views that give me headaches!


Definitly needed.


Absolutely, I completely agree with you. The ability to edit views as a HubSpot super admin would have been the ideal scenario from the start. This functionality would greatly assist us in making necessary changes swiftly and independently, without having to go through the lengthy process of obtaining extensive approvals for every modification. Having the power to edit views with ease would be as convenient as using a pen to make quick adjustments and updates as needed.

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When you have to archive a property as a super admin, you start by removing it from all dependencies. Filtered views is one of them. Now I always clone the view, remove the property, replace it with the correct property and save it again. Then I delete the original view. This feature would save me lots of time because this happens quite a lot. 


This has gotta get fixed. We have several propeties that we need to swap out across important team views but can't. It is unrealistic for me t ask each View owner to update their views. 



This would be a big quality-of-life improvement for every Admin out there and would reduce the perceived burden of using HubSpot for all involved -- no more "oh man, that admin is nagging me again about that thing I made months ago, this stinks and HubSpot is hard to use."


Couldn't agree more - seems like a universally frustrating limitation for superadmins


Hello, +1. This is a big issue currently in my company. We are classifying thousands of workflows and properties and we can't archive most properties because they are in views. We only can delete this views and we are not able to filter to see when this view was last viewed. 


+1 this should be basic functionality.  Permissions on views. 



110% Agree with this!! I am currently doing a clean up of our system and have hundreds of properties in each object that need to be archived but in order to do this as an admin I have to take so many manual steps to remove each property one by one from each view and /or report. I need a way to, as the administrator for the organization, archive these without so much manual activity. 




This is needed at my company ASAP. We are constantly refining/improving our processes which means we sometimes add/remove Properties that may be used in Columns/Filters of many Private/read-only Views. As a Super Admin, I make those changes, and I am expected to not "break" any Views/Workflows, etc... Unfortunately, I am left with no choice but to request/beg/annoy users until they either make the changes, or share their Views with me. It is very uncomfortable for all concerned.

I am to the point that I almost feel my company would be better off changing user permissions to prohibit them from making Views in the first place. It would mean more work for the Super Admin (me) but at least I could actually get the work done.