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Ability to Edit Views as Super Admins

BLUF: A view that we can delete but cannot edit?

  • As HubSpot super admins, we have access to all the resources and components built by us or others.
  • However, we are unable to change or edit the views. We can only delete them, which doesn't make sense.
  • This creates a lot of dependencies as we have to involve stakeholders like the CEO for minor non-functional changes.
  • Simple changes that could be done in seconds sometimes take weeks to get approval from senior stakeholders.
  • It doesn't make sense that we can delete views but not edit them.

Please enable this!

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Absolutely agree. This functionality doesn't make sense and should be an easy fix


YES! So many duplicate views that give me headaches!


Definitly needed.


As a Super Admin, you typically have the highest level of administrative privileges within a system or application. However, the specific abilities and features available to Super Admins can vary depending on the system or platform in question.

When it comes to editing views, it usually refers to the ability to modify the way information is presented or displayed within an application or system. As a Super Admin, you might have the following abilities related to editing views:

  1. Customizing Layout: You can modify the layout and structure of views, including rearranging elements, adding or removing sections, and adjusting the overall design.

  2. Adding or Removing Fields: You have the authority to include or exclude specific fields within a view. This allows you to tailor the information displayed to suit your needs.

  3. Modifying Filters: You can edit or create filters to control which data is included or excluded from a particular view. This helps you refine and focus the information presented to users.

  4. Defining Sorting and Grouping: You have the ability to set the sorting order of data within a view, as well as define grouping criteria to organize the information.

  5. Configuring Permissions: You can control who has access to specific views by managing user permissions. This allows you to restrict or grant access prp hair treatment success rate to certain views based on user roles or privileges.

It's important to note that the specific capabilities available to Super Admins may differ depending on the software, platform, or system being used. The above list provides a general overview of the editing abilities commonly associated with Super Admin roles, but it's always recommended to consult the documentation or support resources of the specific system you are working with to understand the precise functionalities available to you.........


Absolutely, I completely agree with you. The ability to edit views as a HubSpot super admin would have been the ideal scenario from the start. This functionality would greatly assist us in making necessary changes swiftly and independently, without having to go through the lengthy process of obtaining extensive approvals for every modification. Having the power to edit views with ease would be as convenient as using a pen to make quick adjustments and updates as needed.