Ability to Edit Tracking URL Links

I love the tracking URL feature, but there is currently no way to edit them. For instance, if I run a QR code in a print brochure and use a shortened URL for the QR code data. I redirected that to a specific landing page (on my website, not a HubSpot landing page) and for whatever reason the URL or link has changed and I'm not able to edit the tracking URL so that my QR code is not broken.


Another instance is a redesign of a website where we redirect our main content, but not every specific post. Again, opportunity for 404s, but hundreds of pages can't all be redirected. It would be solved if I could edit my tracking link.


Or what if a 3rd party link is tracked (like if I want to send someone to a YouTube video). If the video is outdated, and we create a new version, we don't want to place another tracking link, we want to change the redirect to the new video.


If we can't edit them, then at least a legitimate reason would be nice to have. 



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