Ability to Delete Past Import History




When signing up for HubSpot we were ecstatic to move from MailChimp to your platform as it had so many cool and useful abilities, and needless to say we really jumped into everything blind. In short, our business ran its marketing based off lists from a very homemade database that we pull customer lists by state and cities, so we were "importing fiends"! Now that we have some training under our belts and have migrated away from our homemade database we see that we did a lot of things wrong and well... we have a sea of lists with so many of the same names. The ability to delete past imports with bad info/customer information would be a great tool to have when creating new active lists. As currently, we still run lists based on states and cities. 

Originally, when I googled "How to delete past imports" I came across this resource https://community.hubspot.com/t5/CRM/Need-to-delete-an-imported-list-of-contacts/m-p/195952 which was helpful, as I seen others were wondering the same thing. I did see that the only option appears to be "viewing the contacts" and manually removing them, but you still see that import name when creating an active list. 


Anyways, just a thought. Hopefully enough people agree this would be a great feature. 

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HubSpot Employee

I think even the ability edit the names of existing imports would be hugely helpful in cases like this, since it would enable users to retroactively adjust naming conventions to make filtering contacts by import easier.