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Ability to Change or Edit Task Bar

It would be helpful to have the option to edit or rearrange the main taskbar?  


I know we are able to edit, change or customize a dashboard but I am referring to the top black bar.  There are certain items my team uses on a very regular basis that are part of other dropdown menus and it would be much easier to just have the option of moving those to the top of the bar since those are the most used for us.


Sometimes, our newer team members or those that arent in the applicaction as much cant always remember where to find certain things because they cannot find the actual menu.  For example, my team tends to access accounts by companies (as opposed to contacts) yet Company is not one of the headers or menu tabs.


Same with Logging is found under the Sales dropdown but that is not always intuitive for everyone.  Especially since Calls and activitiy feed is under Contacts. Which is separate from the header "Conversations".  So someone trying to log an activity doesnt know exactly where to go.  Email is under Marketing but not eveyone knows that it refers to email marketing and templates as opposed to logging a customer email interaction/task.


Everyone uses different terminology for some of these activities so it would be helpful that if we can't rename them to fit our needs that at least we could arrange the menu in a way that would make logical sense to our team.