Ability to Average NPS Rating by Company


We'd like to see the average NPS score per Company based on the Contacts' responses. Currently there is no way to see this in the platform or to calculate it via automation. Secondarily, because NPS is stored as a dropdown it doesn't play well with our other systems like Salesforce where I would be able to calculate and manipulate the averages at the Account level.


I'd prefer to see it on the Company record within Hubspot rather than a report so I can easily pass that detail to Salesforce to view on the Account record.


We need this information for a variety of insights including our penetration across user committee, stakeholder engagement trends across accounts, NPS rating averages across customer account tiers, NPS rating averages by CSM, etc.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi Team, just giving +1 to this idea. 

Currently, we get average NPS on a contact level, thing is: this is a dropdown select property. Which means we can't pull that data to build a calculated property to get that average NPS, on a company level. 

Really interesting for customers that are focusing on B2B to have NPS on Company level!