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Ability to Assign Sequence Tasks on Weekdays Only

When creating prospecting sequences for our sales reps, we like to mix in automated emails with call/voicemail follow ups. 


Now, Hubspot supports the ability for these automated emails to only be sent on business days.


However, tasks to call our prospects are assigned to sales reps over the weekend. Why can't Hubspot also support the option to make tasks only assigned on business days?


That way, our sales reps are not given "work" to be done over the weekend. Also, sequences are not very effective if you cannot rely on a call task being completed on time, before an automated follow up email is sent out. 


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It is extremely important for Hubspot to build this feature if they plan on their product being usable by large inside sales teams


Please focus here, it's an easy win on the product side and brings you up to par with tools like and


If you are using workflows to assign your tasks, you can make it so the workflow only does actions Monday - Friday.



HubSpot Product Team

Hi there,


My name is Caitlin and I work on the product team here at HubSpot. If you add Tasks to your Sequences and have your Sequence set to execute on weekdays only, the tasks should also follow this rule. Are you seeing that this is not the case? 


For example, in the screenshot below, I have each step of my Sequence to execute 1 day after the previous step and I have it set to send follow-ups on weekdays only. On the right, you can see that Step 3 is a Task set to execute 1 day after the email before it, which would be a Saturday in this case (since Step 2 is scheduled for Friday), but with the weekday setting enabled, it is pushed to Monday.






I have the same issue and would like Hubspot to add that feature to call a contact every X business days and including weekends.


Thanks for sharing.