Ability to Add a Default Calling Phone Number for Multiple HubSpot Users

Our office does not have a phone system. Instead, we have one office phone number that is answered by a virtual reception company and then those incoming calls are forwarded to our team members cell phones to answer.  


For outgoing calls to clients, we would love to be able to call out from our HubSpot account using Calling.  Currently, our Account Managers or Project Managers call out using their own personal devices but we would like to mask the phone number and have it come from our office number instead.


Currently, using the Calling feature in HubSpot, you are able to add and verify a phone number for individual accounts one at a time.  We would like to set a default company phone number that can be used for calling but instead apply this phone number to multiple accounts so you do not have to do this process manually for each individual team member.  


In summary, it would be great if you could set a default business phone number to call out from and apply it to any team member who is required to use this calling functionality.  That way you could streamline the process and make it easy to roll out this feature across the team.

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