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Ability to Add Email Performance Charts to Dashboard

Currently you have the ability to add multiple reports from the email marketing analytics tab. One of the reports that cannot be added is the "Email Performance Chart" report. This would be a great report to add to the Dashboard as it is a great way to visualize the effectiveness of the campaign and it would make sense to have that along with other marketing email reports that one adds to a dashboard so you can have all the information at once as well as be able to send this report via email.

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This seems like such a simple functionality to add. Campaign performance metrics are spread across so many tabs, if we could bring them to one central location (dashboards) this would ease some high level visibility pain points for our team.


Absolutely needed feature. Imagine you have an onboarding process which you realize with landing pages and marketing emails. Currently it is not possible in my view to get a simple overview of all interactions. What I'd like to know is: How many users open a page or email and how many interact with it? I couldn't find a way. What I currently have to do is to open every indivudual mail on a separate screen and check the data. That's not handy at all.

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Yeah, this would be nice to be able to do. 


This would be very handy to have on a dashboard with other analytics I track each month. 


This would be an excellent addition to email dashboards! My favorite card on the Marketing Email > Analyze tab.


(Incidentally, any other users here using the report function from Sales Content Analytics. An excellent resource for anyone reporting on Template/Document usage and performance. 😊)


Yes, I agree! It's really limiting to not be able to export this as a report or add the chart to a dash even. Why? Seems like many of us need this functionality. 


It would also be nice to be able to export the time spent reading, skimming, glancing metric on the advanced email data as well. When you use compare emails feature, you can manually review this information which is not very efficent. However, when you select export from that feature (I was assuming it woud export all the data listed in those comparrisons) you still only get the same data you would receive if you exported the advanced email data from any other report. Am I missing something?


AGreed! This would be great to have on a dashboard.


This is so needed - such a basic feature. 


So weird this isn't already possible. Please make this happen. It would be SO helpful when it comes to reporting on multiple emails. 


This would be so helpful for creating e.g. a Newsletter dashboard. I hope this idea is not only submitted, but also worked on.


This would be so helpful to have an overview of a campaign and the performance of different channels.