Ability to Add Custom Fields to Display on Tasks

There should be an option to add a custom (or even default) field to tasks in order to customize the display. It would streamline the processes teams use when working with tasks.

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Could you add the phone number and 'About Info' to the 'Task Details Side bar'?  


I create a task/queue/call list but it is ineffiencent for me click on the company to get the phone number to call.  Rather than just opening the Task side bar: seeing the number, city or other info I need; dialing the number and easily take notes and create a follow up.  Then the close the side bar and I am still on my task list.


Right now open the company in a seperate window, to take notes/follow up.  Then click back to the task and mark the task complete (Rinse & Repeat).


Hope this makes sense.



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 Hi Jordan,


I was about to open a thread on that subject, perfect, also, if we can insert phone and email at Edit Columns screen at tasks would be great.

This is so important that me and more 8 business owners still not migrated to a paid plan since we found HubSpot way better than other CRM solutions, but they have this feature.

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To be able to export the associated record on a task export.
To be able to add properties within tasks.