Ability to A/B test send time for emails

As a newer HubSpot user, it would be beneficial for A/B testing to allow testing the same email for different send times. We are trying to find the best time for regularly sending out emails and the size of our contact lists makes the manual workaround is very tedious. Has anyone found an easier way that cloning emails and splitting a contact list in half?

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Really think this should be prioritised by hubspot.

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This should definitely be high on the priority list.

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+1 for this idea. We spend so much time segmenting our audience and being able to test sending times in those segments would be huge. Time of week and time of day are A/B test in themselves.  

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Yes,this feature is a "must" in the digital marketing world. Manually testing is way too tedious. What's the point of a marketing automation platform when the essential functions like this are not automated?

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Yes, it's amazing that HubSpot doesn't have this basic feature. It seems in general that HubSpot is very limited in testing ability for email.

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Please make this happen ASAP! 

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I'd like to see this feature.

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Please prioritise making this feature, it would be a huge help.