Ability to A/B test send time for emails

As a newer HubSpot user, it would be beneficial for A/B testing to allow testing the same email for different send times. We are trying to find the best time for regularly sending out emails and the size of our contact lists makes the manual workaround is very tedious. Has anyone found an easier way that cloning emails and splitting a contact list in half?

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Yes. I agree. Would love to see this feature implemented by the product development team. We have an extensive list of clients and prospects globally and to have to manually go through is too time intensive and we don't have enough resources to be able to handle such a task. Would be great to see what times work best to reach our targeted audience via a/b testing. 

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One more voice for AB time


In emails we have many variables which influence on the open rate which is not only subject line and audience but also a time sent. We want to send the same email with same subject line just one in the week day and one during the weekend.

How we can find out what day is the best one? I know there are a lot of recommendations but then everyone on the market can follow them which is not very effective when people are spammed in the same day by all companies.

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 I would love the ability AB test send times for the same email. Manually doing this is not an efficient use of my time.

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I also could benefit from this features. Being use to work in MailChimpt with those splittest features, the email module in Hubspot is long behind. Splittest more than content and subject line, for instance sending time, is very needed.

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Why has this not been implemented? Hubspot is too expensive to be missing features available for FREE on MailChimp. Hubspot doesn't care about users since they went public and fired everyone who knows anything about inbound. 

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I cannot believe this doesn't exist. We should have the ability to A/B test on creative, send time and subject, and there should be an auto-winner functionality with the ability to select the test send variant size and the winner send size. This is basic email service provider tablestakes, a bit gap in the HS email game. 

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I'm in this camp! I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented already and was confused when I went to run my first A/B test in which I had planned on testing timing. I don't have time to do this manually and would love to know how timing affects open/click rates, revenues, etc. 

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 I would love the ability A/B test send times for the same email. We are trying to optimize our emails and send times are a crucial variable. Manually doing this will be limiting and affect our reporting. Please make this feature a priority, 

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I'm also chiming in to support Send Time AB Test capability. This is a main factor that affects our open rates among our target audience but we need to pinpoint the best times/days to send. Manually testing this across our large contact base in far too time consuming. Why don't we have this option by now?

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I was just trying to find out how I could do A/B test for times/days on hubspot, to realise this feature doesn't exist!


This is quite a basic A/B testing feature in other providers, and it would be VERY useful to have this one in hubspot too. 

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Really think this should be prioritised by hubspot.

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This should definitely be high on the priority list.

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+1 for this idea. We spend so much time segmenting our audience and being able to test sending times in those segments would be huge. Time of week and time of day are A/B test in themselves.  

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Yes,this feature is a "must" in the digital marketing world. Manually testing is way too tedious. What's the point of a marketing automation platform when the essential functions like this are not automated?

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Yes, it's amazing that HubSpot doesn't have this basic feature. It seems in general that HubSpot is very limited in testing ability for email.

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Please make this happen ASAP! 

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I'd like to see this feature.

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Please prioritise making this feature, it would be a huge help.