Ability for admin without Sales Pro account to setup Messages

I am the Hubspot admin at our company, but I don't need a Sales Pro account (we have only got that for a select group of sales reps). Still, I would need to be able to access Messages to setup messages, see stats, etc.

Right now I have to borrow a colleague's account to do that.

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Hey @troelsfeodor@andrearitchey thank you both for your post and vote respectively. 


The HubSpot Messages tool is available to paying Sales Professional customers only. As an Administrator of a Sales Free account this is not something you will have access to. At this time HubSpot does not plan to make this feature avialble to free Sales and CRM users. If you are interested in learning more about Sales Pro and the features that come with this upgrade you can talk to the HubSpot team here and view the product comparison page here

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@roisinkirby as I said we already have several Sales Pro users in our company/account. So, I'm well aware of the features. I don't want to be able to chat, I just need the settings to be available for any Sales admin. There's no point in upgrading all our users to Pro including me.

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Hey @troelsfeodor Sales Pro features, including Messages, are only available to admins who are on your Sales Pro team. A user (admin or of any kind) must be using a paid Sales Pro seat (account) in order to access these tools. 

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As a partner agency with a client on HubSpot Enterprise ($2k/mo MRR) it makes no sense to me that I have to be a Sales Pro user to administer this client's Sales Pro instance. I don't pay extra to administer the rest of its HubSpot portal. It's just a bad customer experience. And it is easy to fix. @roisinkirby your answer is not really helpful - it just states what we know. The question is, "why would HubSpot put such a requirement on for administrating an add-on?" You want to grow your clients' use of add-ons. We want to, too. So if I have 6 clients, each with Sales Pro, you're going to collect $300/mo just so I can administer it so you can generate the additional revenue? Doesn't make good sense from a customer or partner POV. Sorry. How do we get movement on this?

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We're running into the same issue.  We administer over 20 accounts, and need to be able to adjust settings for the Messages feature.  We do not need to be able to chat or use the tool in any other way.  We certainly pay HubSpot enough each month that there is no reason we should need to tack on an extra fee.


Right now I have to ask each client for their login credentials in order to set up Messages on their site.  This is not an acceptable process.  Please come up with a better way for us to manage the settings in the Sales Pro tools without needing Sales Pro licenses.  Thanks.

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In fact ADMIN users should manage ALL activity from all teams.

It is almost stupid to block my SUPER ADMIN account from setting up all features from my SALES PRO team.


I need to setup more than messages. I want to manage tempatles, sequences, decks and all bunch of stuf that my Sales Team don't know and don't have time to do it.


This is s must.

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SUPER ADMIN accounts shouldn't need to purchase an extra license to manage features in Sales Pro.

Additionally, it seems rediculous that the messages conversation can't be displayed in the timeline for the contact for non-Sales Pro users. 


This is very important because employee's supervisors that won't use the functionality of Sales Pro shouldn't be required to have a paid account to view conversations in Messages that their direct report employees are having.

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I totally agree that a HubSpot agency shouldn't have to own a Sales Pro license in order to create templates and sequences. I can temporarily assign one of the Sales Pro license to myself, do the work, and then assign the Sales Pro license back. Just a pain to do. 

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Totally agree! I run in to the same problem as a agency partner - I cant justify why my client would need to pay for an extra sale seat just so i can manage, monitor and create sequences, templates and stuff for them. In alot of cases I would need access int he beggining of a project, just to set things up - its to complicated to borrow accounts or change who is a Sales Pro account.


Super Admins and especially agencys should have access to these functions in order to help the client with their sales!

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Agreed. It would be useful for setup but also useful to be able to view chats for oversight, training and ensuring that the messages add on is being used effectively. This is the super admin's role!