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Ability To Add Contacts Mid-Way Through a Workflow....

Hi There!

My suggestion for a feature addition to workflows would be to

  • Have the ability to "Enroll Contacts" at any point within the workflow itself (not just at the beginning). 
  • Add contacts to a workflow mid-way through via lists, other workflow statuses, and/or contact fields themselves. (Or even manually.)

The reason I'm interested in this, is the following use-case scenario (which I can see applying to multiple different other scenarios also)...

  • We have a few different "leads" workflows, and have recently identified a need to separate these contacts based on the source they are coming in from, specifically FOR the first initial email we want to send out.
  • After this initial email and workflow we would create for the source specific leads, we want to funnel these leads into a general workflow we've created for most leads. HOWEVER we do not want these "source-specific" leads coming to receive the first email in our "general" leads workflow. We would want to funnel these source-specific leads into the general leads workflow AFTER the first email.

I think the above functionality would be of great benefit to other scenarios also, and would simplify and make our workflows more efficient!

Thank you for your consideration!

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Need, need, need this! With the amount of turnover in my industry, I need to be able to keep new team members at my operators all working on the same timelines. If I miss one person out of the gate, they're already behind and I manually tracking each cloned workflow isn't scalable or doable for a company of our size.


Another use case for this is that we are trying to use the workflow to assist with our Customer Success program after they have placed an order with us.  We have to reach out to them and get information from them to help setup their software and hardware to meet their needs.  If we don't get a response, we want to create a task internally to follow up with them and then enroll them in the next stage of the process.  This occurs at multiple points when we need information from the customer.  Currently I am just doing excessive amounts if/then branches with delays to re-evaluate the criteria and adding go to actions to bring it to the next email.


Example why this would be great:

A workflow get's increasingly large and complex, HubSpot cannot handle the size of the workflow (yes, workflow lag is a REAL thing), so you break that workflow into smaller workflows. Well then people that were in the middle of the original workflow get interrupted and there is no way to enroll them into the new, organized workflow without starting over. It would be awesome to be able to select an action in the workflow and select "enroll here"


Need this to! You get to much workflows now