API for Feedback and NPS

We would like to collect NPS feedback directly in our Android App. For that we would need a way via API to push the collected feedbacks into the Hubspot feedback list.

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This would also be the case for experience surveys, that we would like to embedd in mobile apps from us.


Some more background: 

We understand that customer feedback is key to longterm success. The problem is, that we sell a lot through distributors and very often we don't have the email of the end user or they don't reply.
Now we would have direct access to customers, because our product runs in an Android app on a tablet. So we would like to display all kind of feedback surveys there. But as far as I can see, that is not possible right now.
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The company that I currently work for, needs to make a machine learning work to identify, through the feedbacks, the satisfaction level of our customers.

Currently has a standart endpoint (GET API) for this service?


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Get Feedback Customer Surveys through API endpoints would be a valuable addition  to the platform.