[API] endpoint to get the currently logged in user

When a HubSpot user creates a new contact directly in the HubSpot CRM, ownership of this contact is automatically assigned to that user.


However, when the HubSpot API is used to create a new contact, no ownership is assigned by default. Furthermore, there is currently no endpoint available to get the details or even the ID of the currently logged in user. Even though the connection to the HubSpot API is made using OAuth2, and all calls are made through the authorization of a specific HubSpot user, this context appears to be lost.


My suggestion would be to either:

a) Create an endpoint https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/owners/current  that returns the details of the user whose OAuth2 token is being used, so that we can then assign this user as the owner of newly created contacts/companies/etc.

b) Automatically assign the user whose OAuth2 token is being used as the owner of any newly created contacts/companies/etc, making the API behave consistently with the HubSpot application itself.