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API call monitoring tool or log for requests authenticated with API key

HubSpot logs all API calls made for OAuth apps through the Monitoring tool, yet integrators authenticating requests with API keys have no similar way to view their calls.


This Developer Forum post proves that developers want and need the ability to view API logs for individual HubSpot accounts.


Users, if you would like to see this feature implemented, please share your use cases below, per these best practices.

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Hi there,


I would like to see logs, as sometimes the calls work, sometimes they 'appear' to work but nothing gets actioned in hubspot. 


Primarily I am adding new users and setting a property on their profile, it works about 60% of the time, with no warnings when it doesn't.

HubSpot Employee

Thanks so much for sharing, @GregEllis!


As Greg is sharing - our Developers experienced a similar issue - that certain errors existed - but had been unaware until the Business Ops indicated that the data sync between (our) App and HubSpot did not work... 


API Log File Monitoring would be a great asset in order to take action prior the users are calling in with the trouble... 

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Hi - i would also be keen in digging deeper into the workings of our API key too. Looking forward to this ...

HubSpot Employee

Hi, all.


I'm very happy to announce that API call logs for requests made using a production account's API key are now available in-app in Settings > IntegrationsAPI keyCall log. The logs reflect the last 7 days of requests.


See the announcement in the Platform Changelog here.


Thank you for all your feedback!