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The styling provided on Hubspot when AMP is enabled is very limited right now, and only the header and the body font can be targeted. I think providing a way to add a style sheet for customizing AMP would be a great way to enable more advanced styling and cope with issues where the templates may display the logo or other elements in unintended ways (like on this example).

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At the very least, allowing an easy way to override / write new CSS. Currently, you can't even override it with !important because of the way it's included in the template

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Upvote, thank you!


It is May and we are still awaiting a solution with this blog header AMP rendering issue. 

I am deeply concerned with how terrible the blog looks on AMP.


Upvoted! We switched off AMP in our Hubspot account now, since the styling is very limited right now.



Please address this issue!  It's been almost 2 years since this was brought to your attention.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community,


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.


We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. As we focus on other page building improvements, AMP for pages is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case.


I'm always trying to discover new ways to increase the load speed of our site and AMP is one of those ways.  Can you provide a list of the improvements the team is working on?  Load speed is huge and should be a focus.


 - Rick


Upvoted... This is a necessary tool that we need!


Please, have a look to this issue, it is very neccesary


Upvoted, let's hope..

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Hi @katie,


Is there any update about the AMP project for improving the feature.

We also looked into building the AMP page into HubSpot ourself but run into problems since the required tags:

{{ required_head_tags }}
{{ user_head_overrides }}
{{ standard_footer_includes }}


It would be great if we could add custom styling or create a custom template for it.

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone,


Thanks for checking in on this one. I'm continuing to mark this one as "not currently planned" because of a couple of factors:


  • The technical complexity of making AMP work with our pages is quite large, and would mean we'd have to deprioritize a lot of high impact projects in order to make AMP work.
  • Google seems to be putting less emphasis on AMP in the last year or so in favor of overall page speed metrics and core web vitals

To that end, we are digging into other ways we can increase page speed scores out of the box for HubSpot pages users, and we hope to have some exciting updates in the coming months!