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A "non form" option in Lead Flows

I would like to add a Lead Flow to my page, but don't want to have my visitors fill in their email addresses. Can you make this optional (even recommended) instead or required?

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A "non form" option in Lead FlowsÉquipe de développement de HubSpot

Hi all, Tom here from the forms team. I just wanted to give everyone insight into what they will see when they are ungated for this as it may be easy to miss. 


When creating a pop-up form, on the "callout" page you will see a new option at the bottom. In here you can select what the form button should link to. If you select any option other than "Form Step" the form options will be disabled and you will be able to directly link the button to your chosen link:





I would also like to note that we do have to manually ungate customers for this feature. We do this very frequently but please do allow some time to see this feature in your portal. You will not see this immediately and may take up to a week for us to ungate everyone. With the holiday period upon us this will take a longer period of time so please allow for this after submitting the form.

Hope this helps! Thanks everyone for all the feedback! 

A "non form" option in Lead FlowsÉquipe de développement de HubSpot

Hi everyone, thanks for all the feedback on this! I want to say we are in absolutely no way dismissing this or the demand for this. Obviously our users are the most important aspect considered when updating our software so your feedback is always taken on board and the most important consideration made to any product updates. 


I want to stress that this is "currently not planned" and in no way a "won't do". We are leaning in to unifying forms experiences across the tools and improving conversion optimisation options on our current roadmap. This request will stay on our radar and is definitely something we are still considering. Where this tool lives and how this functionality will live within HubSpot is something that is currently is discussion, but for the moment this update to the pop-up forms is not currently in planning. This will stay opened to upvote and comment on as monitoring the demand for this is important to us and we will post here if we have any further updates to this and if we begin planning stages on a tool to provide a pop-up CTA only modal.  

A "non form" option in Lead FlowsÉquipe de développement de HubSpot
changed to: Not Currently Planned

We've recently renamed Lead Flows to "Pop-Up forms" as part of a greater unification of HubSpot's forms tools. We're focusing on form and optimisation features for this tool with our current roadmap. As a "Non-Form" option wouldn't fit into a "Pop-Up Form" tool, we do not have any current plans to allow the removal of forms from this. We may explore a feature like this within another tool in the future but currently have no plans to implement this. 

A "non form" option in Lead FlowsGestionnaire de communauté
changed to: Idea Submitted

A "non form" option in Lead FlowsÉquipe de développement de HubSpot
changed to: Needs Detail

@Roeleke, thanks for the feedback and the idea! Can I ask the use case for the above request? From what I understand, if the Form aspect is removed, you basically have a CTA. You can create a slide in CTA for your COS pages using some of your resources here.


UPDATE: The product manager of this team has posted an update to this feature request, click here for details:

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This would be a great feature!

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Would be great to have this option! 

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This requirement has quite a long history in a lot of different idea posts. It may violate the basic philosophy of hubspot, but it is simply necessary. I would like to know what the status of this task is. Thanks. 

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Yes! We need this too. Please make this possible, HubSpot!

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I hope Hubspot implements a non-form lead flow soon. I thought it was possible since I came across a Hubspot blog post with a slide-in CTA that does exactly what I need:



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Please add this option to the pop up lead flow! We want to have the pop up, just like when collecting email addresses, but in this case to promt visitors to view (and hopefully buy) a related product. Instead of collecting info in a form, we just want the button to send them to a product page where they can read about it and add it to their cart.


Please add this!

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Here here! Definitely need this. We create landing pages with progressive profiling, so I want a lead flow to be able to go to a URL/landing page instead of having the form embedded.

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Given the number of requests, I do hope HubSpot will make it available very soon. It is frustrating not to have it. Thanks

StefanieK Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

Yes we would really need this!

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I need it too, but does Hubspot know or plan to do something about it ?

The first post was made in December 2016...

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Must have!

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YES. I want a pop-up- like the call out- that redirects to more information on the website. I can then put a form on that page. I want them to see the info and then make a choice to learn more/supply their email. It seems this would be easy to do if the call out box was a choice for us to set up- leave as an email or link to something else. PLEASE review and make this happen. Looks like it has been requested for nearly 2 years. 

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YES. seems to be two threads requesting the same informtion. Both are nearly 2 years old and have nearly 60 comments each. How about some help with this, please, HubSpot?

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@vishnu can you give us a status on this issue? Has it been resolved?

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worlds leading marketing platform (without a CTA button popup) ... Smiley très heureux

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For those asking- this has not been resolved. I tried yesterday and instead of having a pop-up options I had to completely change my homepage and put a direction CTA in the middle of the page to direct visitors where I wanted them to go. When my event is over I'm going to have to change my homepage back to my old one. It would have been AMAZING had HubSpot fixed this. 

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+1 This would be a really simple way to promote our webinar events across our docs pages. 

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This would be a tremendous tool for non-profits as well. Having the ability to create a lead flow CTA without a form entry would greatly enhance our ability to know our donors better.

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I'm also looking for this - a pop-ups that leads visitors to our event-page from our home-page - and not a sign-up form. 

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This would be a very useful feature.