A "non form" option in Lead Flows

I would like to add a Lead Flow to my page, but don't want to have my visitors fill in their email addresses. Can you make this optional (even recommended) instead or required?

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This would be very, very useful to me. Essentially a static image / link pop up that can link through to any page of my choosing. 


Should be easy to create? Since the existing lead flow functionality is way more complicated? 

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Lead flows would be so much better if they didn't require a form. It's redundant when half of the time I just want to use them as a popup CTA that redirects to a content offer. I don't want to make people fill out a form twice. 

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Agreed. We have a GoToWebinar integration on our webinar forms that I need in order to collect the registrants info and send the follow-ups through GoToWebinar. This works great on normal forms but it doesn't work at all on lead flow forms. Ideally, we'd just want to display a link on the lead flow to the webinar landing page so GoToWebinar isn't affected. 

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This article is very confusing. I thought slide-ins could be accomplished with CTAs, but apparently they're just lead flows? https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-add-a-slide-in-call-to-action-to-your-blog-posts

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 Yes, same here to pretty much everything said above. This feature would be incredibly useful. Sometimes you don't want to gate everything.

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Would be really great to have this and not have to use other opt-in tools!

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@Hubspot  where are we with this idea / issue?


We are using hubspot on our company website and I regualrly need to create popups or slide ins with a nice image, some info and a CTA which will take users to another page on my site.  This is to push users to certain pages on our site.


Currently I am having to create a custom popup on our site and put a hubspot CTA inside that popup... which is resource intensive.. especially when I see how much money we are paying for your service.


A clear and easy way of creating these popups without the need for adding a form, like in the leadflow section please!

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This would be similar to what Unbounce has recently added called Popups and Sticky Bars.




Same concept and the use case is obviously there for many people. Seems like a no brainer and relatively simple addition to the lead flows that already exist. Just no form option.


It would also be nice to have sticky header and footer bars as an option.

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Looking for this as well. That would be great to promote a form without email to do survey for example. Or simply link the CTA to another page.