A "non form" option in Lead Flows


I would like to add a Lead Flow to my page, but don't want to have my visitors fill in their email addresses. Can you make this optional (even recommended) instead or required?

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Hi everyone, thanks for all the feedback on this. 

I first want to apologise for the further delay in releasing this new feature. As previously mentioned there was some underlying work which needed to be resolved prior to this being built out. This went on for longer than anticipated and is the reason for this being pushed back beyond the original Q2 planned release date. 


I do want to stress that we do have this forefront of our mind on our roadmap and we are still working on this as a matter of priority. I completely understand the frustration with the delay on this but want to let everyone know that this is not being forgotten about and your feedback is very much heard by the forms team here. 


Our aim for this is to not deliver something underwhelming. We plan on delivering a more fleshed out feature set for pop-ups that’s more than just the current pop-up forms without a form. We have been working towards this but due to other underlying issues and the complexity of this we have missed our previously mentioned release date for this. 


In the meantime, we have started to work on a much quicker solution for customers who wish to simply have Pop-up forms without the forms as initially requested. We hope to have this as an intermediary beta feature within the next 2-4 weeks.


If you are interested in participating in a beta please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with more details very shortly:




Again, my sincerest apologies for the delay on both our updates here and the release of this feature. Thank you all again for your patience on this and for continuing to help us build a better product. 




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Hi all,


Again -- thank you so much for your patience with this feature. 


At last, it is now in Beta and if you are interested in participating, please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with more details next week:




(Thanks to those who already filled in the form - we have your details and will be contatcing you with more details)

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi Dom,


I checked out the feature this week, just a few things:

1. The single step form is great, and it's nice that we can avoid 3 stages. However, I'm wondering if it is possible to still capture form information inside of that one and only step. While there is still value to this single step approach without form fields, we feel that it could be even more useful with that functionality added.


2. Do you anticipate that in the future we will be able to display layovers independently on either mobile or desktop? Currently we just have options to display them on both, or disable on mobile only. 




Another question:


With the new one step layover, is it still tracked as a submission if they click the layover CTA despite there being no form fields?




Yes, please, this is exactly what I'm looking for. We want to be able to have one click that takes the user to go to a meeting link directly. Just signed up for the beta!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, Tom here from the forms team. I just wanted to give everyone insight into what they will see when they are ungated for this as it may be easy to miss. 


When creating a pop-up form, on the "callout" page you will see a new option at the bottom. In here you can select what the form button should link to. If you select any option other than "Form Step" the form options will be disabled and you will be able to directly link the button to your chosen link:





I would also like to note that we do have to manually ungate customers for this feature. We do this very frequently but please do allow some time to see this feature in your portal. You will not see this immediately and may take up to a week for us to ungate everyone. With the holiday period upon us this will take a longer period of time so please allow for this after submitting the form.

Hope this helps! Thanks everyone for all the feedback! 

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Hi all,


Just to update everyone on this thread. The basic solution that allows you to create a simple pop-up without a form is now available in all portals. In order to set it up, go to Forms--> Pop-up form --> Callout step. There, you can choose for the button to link to a page, file download, meeting link etc.

We are planning to start working on a dedicated feature for these pop-ups soon.


Kind regards,


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Great! A little late perhaps, but nonetheless well done HubSpot 🙂

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For anyone wondering about tracking clicks on these non-form popups, using this current feature you can't (guess we'll have to wait for the full functionality for that!) -- however, I've found setting a custom UTM tag to be super helpful and I can then report on these in Google Analytics.


We use 'Non-HubSpot URL' (even for HS pages) and then just add the link as so:



You can then see them on the Analytics reports (UTM Parameters) for an overall view, or check them out in Google Analytics for a more detailed view, broken down by page etc...


Also, well done from me too! This is a great feature for our use-case and is really helping drive valuable traffic from another part of the client's business to the microsite that's on HubSpot.





Is there a projected time in the near future where we will be able to track the clicks and submissions for these forms?


It's great to have the ability to direct users through the site, but this information needs to have some way of tracking. 



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I'm wondering as well if we will be able to track clicks on these?