A "non form" option in Lead Flows

I would like to add a Lead Flow to my page, but don't want to have my visitors fill in their email addresses. Can you make this optional (even recommended) instead or required?

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Disappointing that this hasn't been taken on board.



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This is a very disappointing answer, and, as you can see reflected in the comments above, an unpopular one (did you not see the 117 upvotes on the original post?). It would not be a particularly complicated adjustment, so why not just do it? All we are asking for is an option to disable/enable the form portion. Why would you not listen to your customers?


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When someone visits one of our product pages, our layover has a cta to request a free consultation. We can't collect all the fields we'd collect on our free consultation form cause your pop-up system doesn't allow it... so we only collect email... then link them to the free consultation form where they have to re-add their email alongside a couple other fields. So follow along here hubspot:

1) Click on layover

2) Fill email out

3) Click free consultation CTA AGAIN

4) Fill out form then hit CTA to request free consultation


These are the steps someone has to take ... it's absurd! Why can we not just redirect them to a form? If we are required to collect a field, why does that field not pass over to the form that we are forced to push them over to? 


Get it together! Why on earth would we not use Sumo or Unbounce for layovers ... they probably integrate better with your system than your own tool.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, thanks for all the feedback on this! I want to say we are in absolutely no way dismissing this or the demand for this. Obviously our users are the most important aspect considered when updating our software so your feedback is always taken on board and the most important consideration made to any product updates. 


I want to stress that this is "currently not planned" and in no way a "won't do". We are leaning in to unifying forms experiences across the tools and improving conversion optimisation options on our current roadmap. This request will stay on our radar and is definitely something we are still considering. Where this tool lives and how this functionality will live within HubSpot is something that is currently is discussion, but for the moment this update to the pop-up forms is not currently in planning. This will stay opened to upvote and comment on as monitoring the demand for this is important to us and we will post here if we have any further updates to this and if we begin planning stages on a tool to provide a pop-up CTA only modal.  

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Thanks for the second update. I think the frustration is this has been asked for 2 years. There are how many upvotes and comments? It feels somewhat like you have a plan for development are based on what Hubspot wants to do to make sense on your end, but not what your customers are asking for- and have been asking for. It also seems like a VERY easy fix. Just take an email box out- or the mandatory aspect of the email. Please share this again with the development team and if possible, please move it higher up the priority list. I feel like having redesign my homepage to share time-sensative information to my website visitors. 

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Tom —


Thank you for the response and update. It is crucial that HubSpot stays engaged with customers, and you have demonstrated that staying in engaged is something you and others take serious, so that's great.


That being said, I want to echo the sentiment the others have already posted which is that since this appears to be in high demand for many of the exact same reasons for many users, I think it is safe to assume the folks in this thread are not the only ones who would appreciate and make use of this feature.


Yesterday, I was trying to sell someone on HubSpot and, ironically, they asked if there was this exact feature on the platform — to which I had to reply "no not yet".


Again, it is good to hear that the dev team is certianly not saying "this will never happen", but I think it's fair that the takeaway from this whole thread is that it should be moved up the priority list.

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I second these comments!

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"This has been asked for 2 years. There are how many upvotes and comments? It feels somewhat like you have a plan for development are based on what Hubspot wants to do to make sense on your end, but not what your customers are asking for- and have been asking for. "


Well put.

Given that it is a relatively simple implementation, it should be prioritized before moving forward with the current course of development.



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Hi again,

Just today, I needed this feature again. 

Our phone lines went dead, and I wanted the pop-up feature to notify our customers! Instead I had to change our home page top banner in HubSpot with this message- which looks very overwhelming. 


Isn't it relatively simple to make a pop-up, where e-mail isn't required? 



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I'm not sure if this is the same thing but I would just like for email not to be a requirement in the forms. Our users often do not have email addresses.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, 

I'm Dom, PM on the Forms team. First off, my apologies for previously not giving this post the attention it needs. I'd like to confirm that having chatted extensively about this idea on the team we've now decided to add it to our roadmap. We’re going to start working on allowing our customers to set up a pop-up without a form shortly, and aiming to have this available for Q2.

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Thank you Dom and team! Great decision and should make many customers in this thread happy.

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Great news @DomRychlik glad to hear!

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This is fantastic news. 

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There ya go.


Thanks very much.

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Fantastic news, thank you @DomRychlik , glad to see Hubspot are listening to their community.

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This is great news! Thanks @DomRychlik!

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Hi Dom,


That's great news! Thank-you for looking in to it further.

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Great news! Thanks for listening to our requests