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A "non form" option in Lead Flows

I would like to add a Lead Flow to my page, but don't want to have my visitors fill in their email addresses. Can you make this optional (even recommended) instead or required?

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I have the same issue and would really love to have a solution

HubSpot Produkt-Team
HubSpot Produkt-Team
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@Roeleke, thanks for the feedback and the idea! Can I ask the use case for the above request? From what I understand, if the Form aspect is removed, you basically have a CTA. You can create a slide in CTA for your COS pages using some of your resources here.


UPDATE: The product manager of this team has posted an update to this feature request, click here for details: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/A-quot-non-form-quot-option-in-Lead-Flows/idc-p/24589...


@vishnu I would like for instance to have the slide but be able to redirect visitors directly to my subscription page where they can fill in more details other than simply the email address. I have noted in fact that using the Lead Flow allows me just to ask email, name, surname but not to add more questions (job, company size and the like). So I thought that something like the following could be more effective:

1. the slide appears with a question like 'Do you wish to subscribe to our Blog';

2. by clicking on it the visitor is automatically redirected to my subscription page without the need to insert firstly their email address.


The reason is as follows: what I have done so far is that the visitor inserts their email address and the thank you message says "Confirm your subscription" which is an hyperlink to my subscription page, but I have noted that several visitors do not click on 'Confirm your subscription'.


Any suggestion?

Babel_Gem Novo colaborador
Novo colaborador

I agree this would be a valuable additional feature for lead flows, and actually something which HubSpot seem to already use?


Essentially, a lead flow but when they click on the button instead of a form appearing, they are redirected to another page. I think this could be great for helping to influence the movement of traffic throughout a site.


Example - if someone has spent some time reading a product page, a lead flow which directs them to a relevant blog that gives some more indepth detail?


This would be a helpful feature for us as well to help promote content from certain highly traveled pages (ie, home page). You don't always want to gate everything but still wish to promote it.


+1, this would be very helpful.


Yes! This is something I'm hoping for.


I agree with Babel_Gem, "when they click on the button instead of a form appearing, they are redirected to another page."


@Babel_Gem, I agree. 

Instead of having to code within the home page, would love to be able to redirect prospects to different pages with the lead flows. Having the form fill be optional would also be good. 





I really need this too.


Seems very similar to https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Lead-Flows-redirect/idc-p/22136#M4235 which I've also upvoted. Maybe votes for these need to be combined.


Yes, I am also looking for this! I would like the option to promote trade shows/events with a notification bar. I don't need to capture their information at this point — I just want to redirect people to our events page.