A User to be Assigned to Multiple Teams

I have used Teams feature and realized that it still lacks an important thing - Multiple Team Access.


In particularly, our Customer Success and Sales rep belong to a team but they have to work with the leads and customers of their designated teams, not all team. The parental control mode prevents it from being a part of another team, which is completely separate from their current team.


In another hand, creating a "tick button" so that a user can belong to the team that he/she will be assigned.

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I tend to think HubSpot will need to completely re-engineer the way they've implemented Teams.


Not being able to add a user to multiple teams is confusing and will likely lead to lazy team allocation by admins: they'll just end up making users members of the parent teams in order to get around the permissions issues that will happen once content partitioning is released soon.

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 The more my client takes the Sales Hub into use this becomes more and more an issue. When you have a team of 20 salespeople they will be part of more than one team. Great if HubSpot can look into this. 

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This is a great idea. We really need a this as we have different combinations of teams working on different institutional clients. One sales person can be in different teams. I hope this will be released soon 👍🏼

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This is a great idea - there must be a ton of companies that have cross-functional personnel that belong to multiple teams.