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We have a quarterly process with our sales reps and our business development team, where the sales rep tells the business development team to either call or not to call the company/contact that are assigned to their region. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction. The Business Development team asks them if they are happy and if they need anything.


Currently, we have the same property on Company and Contact that is CALL CLIENT - A simple radio button to either DO NOT CALL or YES, CALL option. We have a workflow that copies that property from the company to the contacts. We do this because a note does not automatically get assigned to all contacts for a company. You can associate them with a note. If a new contact gets added to that company, the note does not automatically get associated with that contact. You also can't use notes in Workflows.


We need to have a dashboard with a report on it so that the sales reps can go down their list of companies that select or modify a Company property to either DO NOT CALL or YES, Call option. In other words, have a report that you can check off, select, or modify the property for a contact/company within the report without opening the contact or company. Then the Business Development team would have a report on their dashboard with a list of companies to YES, CALL.  I know I can create a report to SEE the value of the property, but a report currently does not allow me to change the property without opening the company individually.  A report will let me click on a company, open that company, then I can modify it.  Then, I have to go back to the report and do the same thing for the next company.  That is too time consuming.  


I am trying to remove an export of companies from HubSpot to Excel; have the sales reps modify the option down their list of companies and then reimport it into HubSpot.

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I have found a workaround for this that I use to bulk edit my contacts, it may or may not work for your needs. You can create marketing lists where you are able to create an active list that is filtered by contact property. If you create a list in your instance that has all of the sales reps' leads on it, they can go through and check off each of the contacts that need edited and change a contact property for all of them.


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That would work for me, but we are trying to have the sales reps more proactive in HubSpot.  I can't give them access to Lists.  That would be a security disaster.  Just need this to work.