A/B tests on translated pages

It would be really nice If I could use HubSpots A/B testing functionality on my translated landing pages. Right now I can't run any because all of my pages are in 2 languages.

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An important feature to have for a multinational company like us who are also constantly testing the page performance  

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 Yes, this is a must feature. If I know this in advance maybe I would wait to use translated landing pages. Is this something we can expect in the product soon?

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Same here! We need A/B-Tests for translated Landingspages. Is Hubspot already working on it?

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Same here! We need this feature as well. Most companies use the multilingual function therefore A/B testing would be very helpful. Any news concerning this feature?

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This is a must for pretty much every international company.

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Definitely need this. 

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just trying to figure this out. Couldn't find anything in docs about it. Definately an issue!

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Definetly a must have feature. Too bad, that two HubSpot features block each other. 

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Must have! Ran into the same problem.

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translations blocking the A/B tests sadly is a real blocker

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+1 ... 
I realized we can't A/B test on translated page after finishing my website. 

That's more than a real blocker Hubspot, please deliver that asap :/

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 +1 same for me. Need this feature

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I have the same problem..very annoying. Almost all our pages are translated so I can't A/B testing.

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just to follow up on this topic:


we decided to value AB testing over the translation groups so run into the problem of how to split the translation groups again. of course one could clone the pages out of it, but that will make you lose all statistics and the language setting itself.

instead you might want to clone the master page into a new draft, after that change the master for the translated page to this draft and then only delete the master draft.


e.g. you have an english master with a german translation, clone the english page, go to the german and select 'create translation' from the menu but choose 'choose new master' which then should be set to the cloned draft. after this is done delete only that draft and you should end up with a single english page and a single german one, keeping the language setting, defined URLs and statistics.


no warranties, use at your own risk :-P



keep in mind the standard language switcher most likely will not work without translation groups. we use a custom module for that anyway, picking the correct language URLs via javascript.


of course it would be much more preferable if there would be an easy way to ungroup translations and maybe even set a different language for a page without having it into any translation group thing.



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I´m honestly a little surprised and shocked about that...


...how does Hubspot handle this? They are international and are using the translation – at least that's what it looks like for the user? 

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yes, we do need too!

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Definitely need this. 

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I ran a A/B Test and after I selected the winner I can not access my translated versions any more. NOR can I make the winner a translated page. This is extreemly frustraiting. If these two functionalities dont work together please at least prevent them from being used together as to not break functionality.

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This is a huge issue for us. Having to choose between our international customers having access to our website and being able to optimize our website for a better user experience shouldn't be a decision we need to make. I honestly think this will affect our renewal decision of hosting our website through Hubspot in the future if a solution isn't at least in the future product roadmap with Hubspot. 


Has anyone tried/found an A/B platform integration into Hubspot that may be a workaround? 


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Definitely need this too.