A/B tests on translated pages

It would be really nice If I could use HubSpots A/B testing functionality on my translated landing pages. Right now I can't run any because all of my pages are in 2 languages.

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An important feature to have for a multinational company like us who are also constantly testing the page performance  

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 Yes, this is a must feature. If I know this in advance maybe I would wait to use translated landing pages. Is this something we can expect in the product soon?

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Same here! We need A/B-Tests for translated Landingspages. Is Hubspot already working on it?

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Same here! We need this feature as well. Most companies use the multilingual function therefore A/B testing would be very helpful. Any news concerning this feature?

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This is a must for pretty much every international company.

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Definitely need this. 

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just trying to figure this out. Couldn't find anything in docs about it. Definately an issue!

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Definetly a must have feature. Too bad, that two HubSpot features block each other. 

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Must have! Ran into the same problem.

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translations blocking the A/B tests sadly is a real blocker