A/B testing for multilingual Pages

**For customers with multilingual sites it's a must to allow a/b testing for pages with translations.**

The actual solution recommended by the HubSpot support is an evil hack around that undermines all developers efforts to provide easy to use multilingual solutions.

"The A /B test is attached to the "standard" language, in your case EN, not to both languages. If you want to run both languages as an A / B test, you need to create separate landing pages, one for EN and one for DE. I would suggest that I have an idea in the Idea forum to create what a feature will be available in the future. For such an idea to be implemented."

So please go for it and make it happen asap!



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I just saw that too.

How can such a big feature just be disables for multilanguage website...


Please, implement it ASAP.

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+1 ... 
I realized we can't A/B test on translated page after finishing my website. 

That's more than a real blocker Hubspot, please implement that ASAP.

There is no gain to have the website on Hubspot if we can't use the A/B testing tools :/

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It is also not currently not possible to add additional language translations once an A/B test has been created for a landing page. It would be a good function for the customers to have the functionality to add additional languages after an A/B test has run.

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