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A/B testing for multilingual Pages

**For customers with multilingual sites it's a must to allow a/b testing for pages with translations.**

The actual solution recommended by the HubSpot support is an evil hack around that undermines all developers efforts to provide easy to use multilingual solutions.

"The A /B test is attached to the "standard" language, in your case EN, not to both languages. If you want to run both languages as an A / B test, you need to create separate landing pages, one for EN and one for DE. I would suggest that I have an idea in the Idea forum to create what a feature will be available in the future. For such an idea to be implemented."

So please go for it and make it happen asap!



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I just saw that too.

How can such a big feature just be disables for multilanguage website...


Please, implement it ASAP.


+1 ... 
I realized we can't A/B test on translated page after finishing my website. 

That's more than a real blocker Hubspot, please implement that ASAP.

There is no gain to have the website on Hubspot if we can't use the A/B testing tools 😕


It is also not currently not possible to add additional language translations once an A/B test has been created for a landing page. It would be a good function for the customers to have the functionality to add additional languages after an A/B test has run.



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This is crucial for Launchpad sites and the Growth Driven Design process. We have several clients on a GDD-retainer with multi-lang pages where it can create a stand-still sometimes and a lot of work-arounds.


A reply from the support I got in May 2019:


Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 11.54.41.png


There are more issues to this, which even block workarounds to the issue original:

  • I cannot create a translation of a page that has an A/B test, even if the test has been stopped months ago!
  • I cannot create a page that is "German only" if my main portal language is set to "Italian"
  • I cannot substitute the Language-Version of a page with another page that was created in the same language (instead I will have to create nasty redirects and go into risky SEO activities)

I found a way that is a bit insane but will do the Job and deliver a specific page in a language that is not the main portal language. It goes like this:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Create a translation of that page in the language you want
  3. Only publish the translation version of the page

Of course this is BS, but at least you will have a page in the Language you whish and can point to it from other pages.


PS: another impossibility is that I cannot implement a German Support-Chat on the German Page and an Italian Support-Chat on the Italian page... might be the reason for us to quit btw. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone,


My team has been working on this update for a while now and it will soon be available for beta, with a full rollout expected shortly after. 


If you'd like to get access to the multi-language page testing beta, please email me at


- Snaedis 


Snaedis Valsdottir

Product Manager, CMS Publishing

HubSpot Product Team

Update: We're now in the process of rolling out multi-language page testing to existing customers! I expect all customers will have access to this feature by the end of February, 2020. 



Is there any update about A/B testing for multilingual Pages? What is an ETA of this function for the rest of the customers? 

HubSpot Product Team

Update: We're still in the process of rolling this feature out. We had some technical issues which delayed our original timeline slightly, but all is now resolved and I expect all portals (Marketing Professional & Enterprise) will have multi-language page testing in mid-March 2020. 


Thank you all for your patience as we continue to work on this! 

HubSpot Product Team

Multi-language page testing is now available for all Marketing Professional, Marketing Enterprise, and CMS add-on portals!