A/B Testing for Smart CTAs

It would be great to be able to continue using A/B testing for CTAs, once they are smart. Otherwise you have to first run the A/B test, and only after pick the winner to be used for Smart CTAs. Thanks!

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Agree a/b testing smart cta's is a logical next step. also i gather there's a restriction on the number of smart cta's that can run concurrently. i think number shared with me is 20. be great to up that.

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I fully agree, a/b testing on smart CTA would be a plus

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 We desperately need this! Will this be implemented at any stage HubSpot?

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I found a support article stating that it is possible when you have Enterprise but it looks like this option was removed with the CTA update in 2018. 


It's a no brainer to add the ability to AB test smart CTA's