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A/B Testing Forms

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There currently isn't a way to A/B test forms. I'm assuming other users out there would be interested in A/B testing whether or not certain fields create higher form submission drop off than others.

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February 11, 2022 05:02 AM


To add more clarity here - we did not complete the development of the Forms A/B  testing feature and it was never in the beta testing stage. We had to drop this before the development was fully done to address other priorities. I hope that clarifies.


Thank you!



Sabari Ram 

Senior PM, Forms & Feedback Surveys

February 11, 2022 03:21 AM

@PaddyBlocks  Thank you for your inputs. Yes, we would definitely like to revisit building Forms A/B testing feature later. We are not actively pursuing it now in order to focus on other feature improvements.


Sabari Ram

Senior PM, Forms & Feedback Surveys

Not Currently Planned
February 11, 2022 02:42 AM

Hi Everyone, 


Forms A/B testing is not being built at the moment and the beta mentioned in the above thread is not active.

This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.


We will consider this feature in the future. Thank you!



Sabari Ram,

Senior PM, Forms & Feedback Surveys

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Writing in on behalf of a customer, this would be great to see for meeting booking pages as well 🙂 


Would love to see this idea implemented! Like many people we have our forms on our site separated from Hubspot, so it would be great to be able to compare them!


This would be great to have for embedded forms. Right now, there's not really an option to test forms unless you use Hubspot for your website/landing pages as well. 




Super disappointing to not see any more progress or interest on this! This would be so super duper useful for popup and slide in forms especially!!