A/B Testing Forms

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There currently isn't a way to A/B test forms. I'm assuming other users out there would be interested in A/B testing whether or not certain fields create higher form submission drop off than others.

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Agreed. This is a must have for embedded forms...

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Yes please! This is a much needed feature for embedded forms.

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This would be a great function for this particular use case: If someone has workflows that use forms as the enrollment criteria, creating a new form to test in an A/B landing page is not really a smooth solution because all the enrollment criteria has to be replicated for this new form.

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This will be huge for me, We are trying to keep our forms as light as possible for a conversion ease of use but also would like to provide the information sales is asking for. Testing feilds in an A/B environment without having to maintiain two forms and a landing page will save my team extra effort and get the maximum result.

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+1 here!

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Would love to see this functionality. Would be super useful in the workflow example mentioned by @cpieri  above, and beyond that, just the ability to test form completion rates on the same page with different levels of info required, to find that perfect balance between what our team needs and what people are willing to give us during a first inquiry.

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Would love a/b testing form field functionality.

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Agreed - we would really love to have the ability to A/B test in pop-up forms that are going on our website, not HubSpot landing pages.

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Yes please! +1 from me

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+1 from me. It's crazy that this isn't possible yet. 

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Pretty much everything in this forum explains why this feature would be really helpful!

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Good idea, +1 from me.


Use case: Embedded Hubspot forms in wordpress/drupal/ee/etc can't be A/B tested. Having this feature will allow AB testing to be performed at form level, not WP/LP level.

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+1 to this. We don't use the landing pages as much as we use forms. The ability to a/b test them is high on the list.