A/B Test Emails: Improve naming limitation between Version A and Version B after deployment


In short, 1) allow us to name an A/B Test whatever we want, and 2) allow Version A and Version B of that test to be named independently from each other and the overall A/B Test name. Further, 3) allow us the ability to change the name of the A/B Test, or the name of Version A, or the name of Version B after deploymentseparately and independently of each other.


When you initially set up an A/B Test, you can name Version A, "Buy Now Button" and Version B, "Buy Today Button" or whatever you want, separately. But the "overall" A/B Test adopts the same name as whatever you name Version A, however, which isn't ideal. It would be better if we could just name the A/B Test what we want and then name Version A and Version B each something that is specific to them for easier tracking, identifying, and reporting.


Furthermore, after an A/B Test has deployed its emails, I cannot find a way to go back into each email and change the Email Name for either of the versions. You can change the Email Name for Version A, for instance, but doing so also changes the name of Version B to be the same as Version A. Unless I am missing something here, how it is currently working doesn't really make sense to me.


We use specific naming conventions in our Email Names that allow us to build reports and create filters off of keywords used in these naming conventions. Because of the lack of email reporting in HubSpot, this is how we have to set up our emails so that we can get any kind of useful reports. But when it comes to including A/B emails in these reports, it doesn't work as seamlessly because the naming limitations are weird and are set up differently than Regular emails. Version A and Version B should just be treated as regular emails, but with some kind of indication that they were part of an A/B Test.


A Use Case:

If I have been split-testing an image-based email (A) against a text-based email (B), and I want to build a report to see how all of our image-based emails this quarter are performing, I would create a report that filters off of the keyword "oximage" (our "code" for an image-based email), but some of our older image-based emails did not use that naming convention (it's a continual iterative process!), and now I am not able to change the Email Name of Version A after the Test has deployed without also impacting the Email Name of Version B (which is not image-based) so I cannot get a comprehensive and accurate report for all image-based emails. 


Can the naming options for an A/B Test and its emails be improved to allow this? Thank you.