404 overview list for whole Project

At the moment only one possibilityy to to check 404 misstake is to go to the each text separatly in optimisation tool.

A list with overview of 404 misstakes for the whole projeckt will help to be more efficent and have a whole pictures of the misstakes of the projeckt to avoid problems with costumers who don't have acces to pages becouse of broken links, e.g. in E-Mail, Landing pages or for the Google Bot that breaks a crawling becouse of 404, e.g. in Blog. Companies with a compliceted system of mail cirkeles could identify faster 404 misstakes, Landing Pages und Blogs will be more Google firendly

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It would be really cool if HS could detect if source links are broken if updating old blog posts.

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Any news on this HubSpot? A consumer reported a broken link on our website and I have to look through each and every page clicking multiple times. I still haven't located it and this is SO frustrating! There HAS to be a way to send a notice to an admin that a page link clicked went to a 404 Page Not Found!

Please make this happen!