404 Error Alerts - Get Notified of Potentially Broken Links

For anyone trying to update older blog content, it'd be helpful to have alerts notifying you of potential 404 errors as a result of updating your page's SEO and URL. This is offered as a free plug-in on other domains and can: 

  • You can redirect errors to any existing page or custom link (globally).
  • You can set custom redirect for each 404 path
  • You can optionally monitor/log all errors.
  • Exclude paths from errors.
  • You can optionally enable email notification on all 404 errors.
  • You can choose which redirect method to be used (301,302,307).
  • Will not irritate your visitors if they land on a non-existing page/url.
  • Increase your SEO by telling Google that all 404 pages are moved to some other page.

Create a plug-in like the 404 to 301 plugin available on Wordpress. 



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