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24 Hour time format needed

In most European countries 24 hour time format is used.

I truely belive that Hubspot as a global player need to offer this option. I cannot find any other softeware we use that do not have this option. 

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I prefer to use 24 hours, it's the quickest to set a reminder but without choosing AM or PM. 


It is also confusing when I create a meeting, I am able to select the availability based in 24hr clock but to the clients the meeting booking is displayed in AM/PM. And in Sweden where we operate NOBODY uses or even understands AM/PM.

In the configuration: 24hr clockIn the configuration: 24hr clockIn the meeting: AM/PMIn the meeting: AM/PM

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I totally agree, but it has to be a setting. Does anybody know where to change the time format for meetings?


Definitely need the option to do 12H and or 24H. Great idea!


Throughout the Hubspot CRM data shows in AM/PM. The lack of a setting to change this to the standard 24 hour clock creates challenges when comparing records between systems. 


For example when debugging API calls made using a particular Private App integration, it's challenging to compare the timestamp of the call against server records, which almost always use the 24 hour clock:

API Calls.png


The majority of the world uses the 24 hour clock, even the U.S. in domains such as software engineering. Adding this functionality would significantly improve UX for your users.